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LS-TS30W CO2 laser engraving machine

LS-TS30W CO2 laser engraving machine

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The Lesser LS-TS desktop series carbon dioxide laser marking machine adopts advanced lasers and a polarizing mirror system, ensuring high-quality marking quality and high-speed output. The entire         laser system integrates industrial systems, three-dimensional workbenches, and lifting brackets. The carbon dioxide laser marking machine has good beam quality and high reliability.

Applicable materials and industry applications: Suitable for laser marking and cutting applications of some paper packaging boxes, wooden products, acrylic products, fiberboards, and other materials.

Product parameters:

Weight: 75kg

Laser power: 30W, 60W, 100W, etc

Laser wavelength: 10.8um

Marking range: 110 X 110

Marking speed: 15000mm/s

Power demand: 220V/50HZ/5A

Cooling method: air cooling

Machine material: all aluminum

Machine size: 720mmx120mmx160mm

Main Application Areas

Manufacturing Industry:Woodworking,Rubber Products;
Packaging Industry:Carton Marking,Plastic Packaging;
Textile and Clothing Industry:Fabric Engraving,Leather Marking
Art and Craft:Wooden Crafts Engraving,Glass Crafts;
Medical Equipment:Medical Equipment Marking,Marking on non-metallic medical equipment to ensure tracking and management.
Electronics Industry:Acrylic Engraving,Plastic Components;
Advertising and Signage:Acrylic Signs,Rubber Stamps;
Automotive Industry:Automotive Interiors ,Plastic Components