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Laser etching engraving machine for electronic components

Laser etching engraving machine for electronic components

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As a common electronic component, capacitors can be used to some extent in most electronic products. Upon careful observation of the appearance of capacitors, you will find that the capacitor box will be marked and engraved with some information patterns to prevent accidents and product traceability. Therefore, it is a basic requirement to maintain clear text information on the surface of capacitor rubber tubes.

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Product parameters:

Weight: 75kg

Laser power: 10W, 30W, 60W, etc

Laser wavelength: 10.6um

Marking range: 110 X 110

Marking speed: 15000mm/s

Power demand: 220V/50HZ/5A

Cooling method: air cooling

Machine material: all aluminum

Machine size: 720mmx120mmx160mm