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Capacitor laser UV marking machine

Capacitor laser UV marking machine

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Roll-to-roll laser printing equipment features

Roll-to-roll laser printing equipment has become a leading product in the industry with the following features and four major advantages:

Four major advantages:

MESS system cooperation: The laser marking machine system can cooperate with the MESS system to import the information that needs to be printed through the scanner, avoiding manual input errors, thereby reducing losses caused by human input errors.

Fully automatic flight marking: Using fully automatic flight marking technology, no manual maintenance and any consumables are required. This allows it to directly replace the labor and material costs in the traditional printing process, thereby significantly improving production efficiency.

Suppressing counterfeit products: Laser marking technology effectively suppresses the generation of counterfeit products. The laser-engraved logo is permanent, which is conducive to product tracking and recording, improves product traceability, and plays a positive role in suppressing counterfeiting.

Efficient automated processing: The equipment adopts computer control, which makes it easy to realize automated processing, thereby improving processing efficiency. The entire production process is more intelligent, reducing the need for human intervention and helping to improve the overall efficiency of the production line.

Processing application areas:
Roll-to-roll laser printing equipment is widely used in the following fields:
Packaging industry
label manufacturing
food packaging
Pharmaceutical Industry
Electronic Component
Other industries that require high efficiency and anti-counterfeiting



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