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Laser Cutting of Injection Molding Sprues/Edge Trims
2024-01-19 09:10:59
[abstract] The nozzle is the joint between the frame and components formed by the factory when casting the model. Also known as "soup" (gate method), it is also the excess leftover material in plastic products.

The Laisai laser cutting of injection molding sprues/edge trims offers the following advantages:

  1. High Precision Cutting: Laser cutting machines can achieve highly precise cuts, ensuring fine and accurate processing of injection molding sprues and edge trims to meet high-quality standards.

  2. Non-Contact Processing: Laser cutting is a non-contact processing method, avoiding physical contact and reducing the risk of deformation or damage, particularly suitable for sensitive plastic materials.

  3. Efficient Production: Laser cutting typically has high processing speeds, enabling rapid and efficient cutting of injection molding sprues and edge trims to enhance production efficiency.

  4. Complex Shape Cutting: Laser cutting machines are suitable for cutting complex shapes, providing flexibility to address various shapes of injection molding sprues and edge trims, facilitating diverse processing needs.

  5. Minimal Waste: Laser cutting has a small cutting width, helping to reduce waste production and improve material utilization, aligning with environmental and resource conservation requirements.

  6. Digital Control: Through integration with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) systems, laser cutting machines can achieve digital control, precisely managing cutting parameters to enhance production controllability and consistency.

  7. Versatility with Different Materials: Laser cutting machines are adaptable to various plastic materials, capable of handling different types and thicknesses of injection molding sprues and edge trims.

  8. Flexibility and Automation: Integration with automation systems allows for continuous production, increasing production line flexibility and automation levels.

utilizing a laser cutting machine for the laser cutting of injection molding sprues/edge trims provides benefits such as increased production efficiency, ensured product quality, and adaptability to diverse cutting requirements.