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Dual-station plastic laser welding manufacturers

Dual-station plastic laser welding manufacturers

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The micro -flow chip integrates the steps of sample preparation, biochemical reactions, and results detection to a very small plastic -based chip, so that the dosage of the detection can become micro -upgrades or even increase or leather upgrade. In addition to the use of small measurements, micro -flow chips also have the advantages of fast response speed and abandonment.

Micro -flow chip is a project that has been vigorously developed in recent years. The micro -flow chip is actually a micro -diagnostic platform. It can quickly diagnose disease diagnosis and save a lot of manpower and material resources. At the same time, the micro -stream chip diagnostic platform is easy to carry, suitable for rapid diagnosis of diseases in underdeveloped or remote areas. The use of micro -flow chips is very easy, but the production of micro -flow chips is indeed a not easy job.

Micro -flow chip is composed of lid and glass. The cover is a plastic film with a plastic film or a few millimeters of a few millimeters; the slice forms many complex precision runways through the carving technology or injection molding process. The width of the flow tract is generally about 100 microns to 1 mm. To seal these precision flow tracts, the usual techniques mainly include ultrasonic, thermal pressure and glue bonding process, and these processes have fatal defects. The ultrasonic process will produce large overflow and dust, destroying and polluted flows; the thermal pressure process Thermal affecting the area is too large, it is easy to deform and overflow, destroy the flow channel structure, and the production efficiency of the heat pressure process is very low; glue bonding will be Make glue into a runner, polluting flows, and at the same time production requires increased dot and glue curing technology, and cost. To solve the above problems, the most reliable process is the plastic laser welding process. The laser welding process for micro -stream chips is mainly the mask welding process of Laise Laser.

The mask welding process uses a line -like laser beam. At the same time, it is used to cover the flow channel with a mask. The laser beam is swept across the chip. The part of the welding area is welded, and the flow channel will not be affected by any mask blocking the laser. The welding accuracy (welding line to a runner) of the welding of molding can reach about 0.1mm. This accuracy can meet the requirements of most clinical micro -flow chips.

Microtic chip laser welding machine

Product parameters:

1.Laser type: semiconductor, optical fiber lasers

2.Bottom shape: point -like or wire -shaped light spots

3.Laser power: optical fiber coupling to 300,

4.Power voltage: 200-240 water-cooled laser

5.Frequency: 50/60Hz

6.Maximum current: 16A

7.Environmental conditions: 15-40 ℃,

8.Weight: About 400kg Vision design types are different

Application Case display:
Microtic chip laser welding 1Microtic chip laser welding 2Microtic chip laser welding 3