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Capacitive sleeve laser marking machine

Capacitive sleeve laser marking machine

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Reduce production costs: Laser engraving is a fully automatic flight engraving process that does not require manual maintenance or any consumables, and can directly replace the manpower and material resources of the printing process.

Improving production efficiency: avoids the tedious handover of rubber tube printing for each batch of orders. During operation, the corresponding blank rubber tube can be directly inserted, and there will be no excess rubber tube inventory.

Increase added value: Laser engraving technology effectively suppresses product identification counterfeiting, and the laser engraved identification cannot be erased, with detailed anti-counterfeiting effects; And it can increase the added value of the product, making it look more upscale and enhancing the brand awareness of the product.

Tracing effect: The identification of laser engraving is eternal, which is conducive to product tracking and recording. The engraved product batch number, production date, shift, etc., ensure that each product has good tracking performance.

Environmental protection and safety: Laser engraving does not produce any harmful chemical substances to the human body and environment. Comply with GB7447-87; GB31020-88 standard is an environmentally friendly high-tech product.

Intelligent: The laser marking machine system can cooperate with the MESS system to import information that needs to be printed using a scanning gun, which can avoid losses caused by manual input errors.

technical parameter

Laser type: UV/fiber

Laser lifespan: approximately 1000000 hours

Marking speed: 12m/min

Operating system: independently developed by PE Laise

Marking range: 110 * 110mm

Laser energy: 3W/5W/20W/30W