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Battery tab laser welding machine

Battery tab laser welding machine

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This model is specialized in the welding process of 18650 battery caps, tabs and battery cells that we often encounter in the battery industry. It is a laser welding equipment specially developed for battery manufacturers. It also has dozens of automatic and semi-automatic. Fixtures. It can basically meet the needs of all battery industries.

Product description:

The battery laser welding machine (optical fiber galvanometer welding machine / pole ear laser welding machine) moves at high speed above the product through the principle of laser reflection by the galvanometer, and can perform high-speed precision spot welding of arbitrary behavior on the welding plane within the scanning range of the galvanometer Or continuous welding, especially suitable for laser precision spot welding of various battery tabs, caps, etc., the production efficiency is several times that of traditional lasers.


1. High welding speed, compared with YAG laser welding machine, the efficiency of this series of laser welding machine is increased by more than 12 times
2. Stable and reliable welding quality
3. Consistency, small spot
4. Easy to install and move
5. Easy to operate and maintain

1.Specialized Application: Tailored for the laser welding of key components such as caps, tabs, and cells in 18650 batteries, meeting the high requirements of the battery industry.
2.Versatile Tooling Fixtures: The equipment is equipped with dozens of automated and semi-automated tooling fixtures, providing flexibility to adapt to different battery types and process requirements.
3.Fiber Optic Galvanometer Technology: Utilizing fiber optic galvanometer welding technology, the laser is reflected through galvanometer movement above the product, enabling high-speed precision spot welding or continuous welding within the galvanometer's scanning range.
4.High-Speed Movement: Possessing high-speed movement capability, allowing for arbitrary welding actions on the welding plane, enhancing welding efficiency.
5.High-Precision Welding: Achieving high-precision welding through laser technology, ensuring the quality and robustness of the welding points.
6.Suitable for Different Battery Types: This laser welding machine is typically suitable for various types of batteries, including lithium-ion batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, and others.
7.Automation Capability: Featuring automation capabilities to enhance production efficiency and reduce the workload on operators.
8.Flexibility and Universality: Capable of interfacing with the majority of requirements in the battery industry, demonstrating versatility and adaptability in the battery manufacturing sector.
9.Precision Control System: Equipped with an advanced control system for monitoring and adjusting welding parameters, ensuring consistency and quality in the welding process.


Two-dimensional platform mobile optical path welding: 1200-1400pce/h

Welding by vibrating head: 1800-2000pce/h


Performance parameters

Device model LS-B150 LS-B500 LS-B800 LS-B1000
Power 150W 500W 800W 1000W
Wavelength 1064nm
Frequency 500Hz-50Kz
Spot adjustment range 0.02mm-3mm
Pulse Width 01.ms-100ms
GPS CCD/red light
Total power 2kw 3kw 4kw 5.5kw
Total Weight approximate 200kg
Operating temperature 15°C-35°C
Power supply requirements AC380V±5% 50/60Hz