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Laser marking machine with CCD visual positioning system

Laser marking machine with CCD visual positioning system

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Laser marking machine with CCD visual positioning system - Laser marking technology, as a non-contact modern precision machining method, is widely used in various industries. It can be marked on any irregular surface without deformation or internal stress on the workpiece, achieving high-precision machining quality and ensuring the consistency of machining quality. By using a visual system to assist laser marking, the advantages of laser processing can be fully utilized. Not only can it solve the problem of marking accuracy, but it also has high adaptability and no need to use fixtures, reducing costs. At the same time, it improves the automation process of the product line, reduces manual participation, and improves system efficiency.


General laser marking machines require the processed parts to be in a fixed position during marking processing, and they must not be shaken during the processing process. Only the processed patterns can be processed to the designated position of the product. These are our common knowledge of the processing technology of ordinary laser marking machines. Nowadays, new technologies are constantly emerging. The latest visual positioning laser marking machine developed by Laiser Laser can achieve precise marking of products as long as they are within the processing range of the laser marking scanning galvanometer; Even if the position is different each time, the machining position is still OK.

This technology utilizes the principle of visual positioning. Firstly, the product template is developed and saved as a standard template. During processing, the product is photographed, compared and positioned by a computer. After adjustment, the product can be accurately processed. The shape of the processed product can be recognized as circular, square, or irregular; This process is particularly suitable for small products, which can avoid the processing of positioning material trays and fixed fixtures, greatly saving the laser marking processing cycle.

Product parameters:

Weight: 45kg (approximately)

Laser power: 20W, 30W, 60W, etc

Laser wavelength: 1064nm, 10.6um, etc

Marking range: 110 X 110, etc

Marking speed: 30000mm/s

Power demand: 220V/50HZ/5A

Cooling method: air cooling

Machine material: all aluminum

Machine size: 800mmx650mm x1210mm