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LS-C60W CO2 laser engraving machine

LS-C60W CO2 laser engraving machine

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The core components of the LS-C60W CO2 laser engraving machine are all imported, using imported RF lasers and high-speed galvanometer scanning systems. The entire laser system integrates a touch screen interface, photoelectric switches, and lifting brackets, with exquisite structural design, which can meet the online flight (continuous dynamic) inkjet printing of products on the production line, forming permanent text, numbers, symbols Automatic encoding and serial numbers for graphics and anti-counterfeiting. The marking process is automated, non-contact, and pollution-free. It has a good anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting effect on inkjet products. The comprehensive performance of the equipment is stable, with a 24-hour continuous working ability, which can meet the needs of industrial large-scale online production.

Applicable materials: paper, plastic, film, tin foil, wood, glass, PVC, ABS, EP, etc.

Product parameters:

Weight: 45kg

Laser power: 10W, 30W, 60W, etc

Laser wavelength: 10.6um

Marking range: 110 X 110

Marking speed: 15000mm/s

Power demand: 220V/50HZ/5A

Cooling method: air cooling

Machine material: all aluminum

Machine size: 720mmx120mmx160mm

Main Features:
High-Quality Laser: Utilizes a high-quality radiofrequency laser for stable performance and long lifespan.
High-Speed Galvanometer Scanning System: Equipped with a high-speed galvanometer scanning system for fast and precise marking.
Integrated Touchscreen Interface: Features an integrated touchscreen interface for easy operation and parameter setting.
Photoelectric Switch: Integrates a photoelectric switch for accurate sensing of the workpiece position, improving positioning accuracy.
Lifting Bracket: Comes with a lifting bracket that can be adjusted based on the height of different workpieces, expanding its applicability.
Online Flying Marking: Suitable for online flying (continuous dynamic) coding of products on the production line.
Versatile Marking Content: Capable of marking various information, including text, numbers, symbols, graphics, anti-counterfeiting automatic coding, and serial numbers.
Industrial Production Lines: Widely used on industrial production lines for efficient marking.
Packaging Industry: Applicable for marking various packaging materials such as cardboard boxes, plastic packaging, etc.
Manufacturing: Used in manufacturing for product identification and traceability, including batch numbers, production dates, etc.
Electronics Industry: Applied to marking on electronic products like circuit boards, electronic components, etc.
Food and Beverage: Used for date marking and anti-counterfeiting coding on food packaging.


Item CO2 Optical fiber UV
Laser power 10/30/50/100w 10/20/30/50W 3/5/8/10w
laser repetition rate <60KHZ <60KHZ <60KHZ
Marking range 30-210mm(optional) 30-210mm(optional) 30-210mm(optional)
Laser wavelength 10.6um 1064um 355um
Minimum line width 120um 80um 50um
Minimum characters ≥0.1mm ≥0.1mm ≥0.1mm
Marking speed ≤30000nm/s ≤30000nm/s ≤30000nm/s
Repeat accuracy ±0.01mm ±0.01mm ±0.01mm
electricity demand 220V/50KHZ/15A 220V/50KHZ/15A 220V/50KHZ/15A

Laser marking machine
The QR code recognition rate is >99.9%, the visual effect is good, there is no need to worry about tampering, and the anti-counterfeiting effect is obvious
Adopting high-speed non-stop laser marking technology, it can operate continuously and stably for 24 hours and process efficiently.
It does not produce substances that are harmful to the human body and the environment and will not scratch the surface of the object to be printed. It is an environmentally friendly high-tech product.
It is less affected by the environment, can be used when plugged in, has low operating costs and does not require special care.
One-time investment, initial cost compared with inkjet printing
Slightly higher, but maintenance-free and no consumables
It seems that the initial cost is high, but it saves 20,000-40,000 yuan in consumables every year.
Inkjet printer
Easy to erase and change, low cost of counterfeiting,
Limited anti-counterfeiting effect
Ink and other consumables need to be added regularly and cannot be processed continuously for a long time.
Inks and solvents are highly volatile substances, and the chemical residues and odors produced may penetrate into the objects being marked, which is not environmentally friendly.
The temperature dust in the environment will cause the nozzle to be clogged, requiring a large amount of maintenance and cleaning work.
The initial cost is relatively low, but the later consumables consumption and maintenance years are the same.
Although the initial cost may seem low, hidden costs such as annual consumable replacement and labor maintenance costs are high.